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Is your backup nearing the extent of the window available?

Has your Data requirements expanded almost to the size of your current back-up media?
Don’t be fooled into thinking that a new, faster drive will solve all your problems. That may not be the issue.

Talk to Datashield your situation and we will provide a solution which is tailored for your needs.

LYNX Technology has an extensive range of Tape Drives, Autoloaders and Libraries available, for which Datashield is now an accredited Reseller. Some of these may be attached via Fibre.

Many of these are serviced by HP Engineers and many combinations of Support Plans are also available. If you prefer, we can also supply original branded HP equipment.

Do you wish to follow many of your peers into a SAN for your immediate backup. We can also configure a SAN with BROCADE Fibre Channel switches and if required, EMULEX Fibre Channel Adapters.

Speak with either Stephen or Doug about your requirements. You will be surprised how competitive we are!

* LYNX, HP, BROCADE and EMULEX are trademarks of those respective organizations.

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LYNX Techology - Accredited Reseller

Visit Lynx Technolgy to find out more about their extensive range