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Computer Tape Servicing & Cleaning

Are you looking for a company who can provide computer tape cleaning services?   Datashield Can!

You may have one or more of these problems:

  • My restore will not work even though I know the data was verified when written. How can I get it back? Datashield service may assist with tape cleaning.
  • How about supplying new tapes and bar-code labels?
    Datashield Can!
  • I am about to upgrade my tape drives and am looking for a company who can assist. Datashield Can!
  • My data is confidential but is now superfluous and I wish to erase from my tapes (degauss, tape erasing). Datashield can help!
  • Are you looking for a tape library or auto-loader? Datashield can supply and service.

If you identified with any of these problems, talk to Datashield. Datashield has been providing computer servicing and products for more than 20 years - we know about tapes!

Services include tape cleaning, degaussing (tape erasing), tape conditioning, all types of computer tapes, and a range of tape drives and libraries, as well as data storage cabinets.

Extend the life of your media, and protect your organisation's valuable knowledge - the knowledge on the media is often more expensive to replace than simply buying new media.

Regular tape-conditioning will ensure your data integrity.


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On-site tape conditioning and retensioning

We Sell all types of Tape Media, Tape Drives, Autoloaders and Libraries
San, Nas & Fibre Channel Switches
Erase/Degauss All Tapes
LTO1,2 ; SDLT1 ; 4mm ; 8mm ; all QIC Data Cartridges ; Travan
VHS, DVD & CD Inspect and Repair